Twitch is changing its partner agreement to allow simulcast streaming

Twitch has updated the policy behind its partner and affiliate exclusivity guidelines, now allowing these creators to create certain types of live content for other platforms.

The streaming platform updated its partner exclusivity FAQ section on the Twitch website, which says that partners can now stream more live content to different streaming platforms and rival social networks.

Partners can stream from another location immediately after their Twitch stream ends, as the website says: “Once your Twitch live streams end, you can live stream elsewhere immediately.”

Twitch has also changed its policy on partners streaming simultaneously, though not completely. Partners can now simultaneously stream on “short form” and mobile service platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

GlitchCon TwitchCon 2020
TwitchCon 2019. Credit: Martín García/ESPAT Media/Getty Images

That said, simulcasting to web-based Twitch-like platforms such as YouTube and Facebook is still not allowed, with Twitch citing a “suboptimal experience for their community” as the reasoning for the rule. Partners can still advertise their other platforms on their Twitch boards and during their streams, as well as promote their Twitch channel on any other platform.

Elsewhere, TwitchCon recently backtracked and enforced a mask mandate at this year’s event following community backlash.

“We’ve heard from many of you that you want a safer TwitchCon, so we’re updating our policy,” Twitch said in a statement. cheep. “Masks will be required indoors, as well as proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. Let’s make the ultimate squad safe and accessible to everyone.”

Then Faze Clan’s Nickmercs promoted their own no-mask, no-vaccine-mandated event.

In other news, a release date for sonic frontiers appears to have leaked via a Japanese trailer ahead of a reveal of the game at Gamescom Opening Night Live later today.

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