Two ways to read a Snapchat without sending a read receipt

Snapchat, like most messaging apps, will instantly notify you when someone opens one of your snaps and vice versa. This means that the moment you open a plugin, you may feel pressure to respond, even if you don’t know what to say. If you’re in a heated conversation or a particularly racy snap is sent to you, it might be nice to have some extra time to figure out your best response. That’s when this trick comes in handy.

I’m not sure when “read receipts” became the default for almost all courier services, but I don’t like it – imagine if your mail carrier stayed to see when you opened your letters and then called each sender to let you know . They know. That would be rude, so why is it okay when Snapchat does it? It’s fine if it’s an option you can control, like with iMessage, but that’s a rare exception: In most cases, there’s no setting that allows you to open a message without the app spilling the beans.

So instead, don’t comply. Instead, sneak your snaps.

The best way to read Snapchats without sending a read receipt

Sadly, the best method to peek at your snaps without opening only works for text-based chats and doesn’t support picture or video messaging, though there’s still a way to view snaps of all kinds without alerting anyone of immediate. However, this method is simply superior, because it allows you to spy on friends’ messages without them. ever knowledge; the second method I’ll discuss only gives you a temporary hold on read receipts, while this one lets you peek as many times as you like.

To get started, open Snapchat, then swipe over to your chats (or tap the chat icon at the bottom of the screen). Don’t touch the chat you would like to open. Instead, slowly swipe right on the chat from the sender’s avatar. If you swipe anywhere else in the chat, it will only move to the map. However, swiping from your avatar starts to open the chat. Swipe far enough to read the message, but not quite. As long as you don’t swipe all the way to the right, Snapchat doesn’t record the message as opened, giving you as much time as you want to sit with the chat.

I can confirm that this method works on the latest version of Snapchat on iPhone, while Digital Trends reports that it works on Android as well.

How to Delay Read Receipts on All Snapchat Snaps

There is a workaround to view all kinds of snapshots without anyone knowing, but it’s a temporary fix: When you receive a new snapshot, switch to Airplane mode on your phone, making sure both Wi-Fi and mobile data are turned off. Even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still open the plugin as it is saved in your app.

Because you’re not connected to the internet, Snapchat has no way of alerting the sender that you opened their message. Of course, it’ll let you know the next chance it gets, so if you want to delay things as long as possible, force quit Snapchat from your phone’s app switcher before turning off Airplane mode. Your phone will reconnect to the internet, but since Snapchat is completely off, it won’t report your read receipt.

Take as much time as you need to reply, but be careful when opening new Snapchat messages: the next time you open the app, Will informs that you opened the message.

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