Udyr VGU disabled for Worlds 2022

Udyr’s visual and gameplay update just dropped in League of Legends patch 12.16, but that’s too close to the next League of Legends World Championships, which means the new Udyr won’t be seen on League’s biggest stage. League of Legends. … even.

Spirit Guard Udyr Bear Form
Udyr looks good, unfortunately we won’t be seeing this new Udyr at Worlds. | © Riot Games

With LoL Worlds 2022 just around the corner, we can’t wait to see which champions will hit the rift and appear on lolesports’ biggest stage, right? Last year, Akshan and Vex were disqualified from the big tournament and the 2022 World Championship will also be missing someone…

The new Visual visual of Udyr has been officially disabled and will not appear in the League of Legends World Championship. So we’re going to have one last hurrah for the old version of the champion, but will he really see it play? We doubt it.

Udyr VGU disabled for Worlds 2022

Udyr is the new hot toy on Summoner’s Rift, and while he’s been one of the most talked about champions in a while, we won’t be. watch it in the pro game anytime. You’ll have to wait for the 2023 LCS Spring Split if you have any hope of seeing it…or maybe even the Demacia Cup in the LPL.

So if you want a highly rated game then you will have to tune in your favorite streamer and I hope that Udyr is chosen because you will not see the Udyr VGU in North America this fall. But are we even surprised? Akshan and Vex did not reach World Cups 2021 because it is too new.

Why is Udyr VGU disabled for Worlds 2022?

Last year, when Riot announced that Akshan would not make it to the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, Tom Martell, The League’s Director of Operations wrote in a statement:

Per our current policy, new champions must be playoff-enabled in all four major regions to be eligible for Worlds.

Sure, you could argue that Udyr isn’t a new champion, but due to the visual and gameplay update, he received an entirely new kit with reworked abilities, as well as new skins and a new model. So…if we’re being honest, we can technically count this as Udyr being a new champion.

The LCK will play all its playoffs, with finals to take place on August 28, 2022 – in LoL Patch 12.14 and the LPL Playoffs will be played entirely in LoL Patch 12.15. With the release of Udyr VGU in patch 12.16, it makes sense why you won’t see any play during the 2022 League of Legends World Championship in North America.

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