UK publisher allegedly hid money from Indonesian studio

Mojiken Studios and Toge Productions, developers of the upcoming A Space for the Unbound, announced that they would be terminating their partnership with PQube Games, a UK publisher, due to alleged theft.

The studies, in a joint statement published on Twitter the reasons why they ended their association with PQube. According to Mojiken/Toge, PQube applied for a grant in August 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant money came from a “diversity fund” and was requested to utilize Mojiken/Toge’s “position and heritage” as Indonesian developers.

Instead of appropriately allocating those funds to Mojiken/Toge, PQube allegedly withheld the funds and information about the funds from the studios and used them as “leverage for its own commercial gain.”

“Instead of paying us the grant money, PQube Games hid the facts about the grant and added it as a minimum recoverable guarantee, and then used it to negotiate increasing their revenue share.”

Studies claim that they only discovered the truth of the matter in March of this year. “Since the discovery of this issue, we clearly cannot trust PQube Games or continue to work together for the release of A Space For The Unbound, as PQube games have fallen short of not only reasonable decency, but also in their obligations to us because of these predatory practices.”

To end the statement, the studios point out that PQube Games refuses to relinquish publishing control of its game on console platforms. Mojiken/Toge have stated that they will delay the release to ensure the game “is consistent with our values ​​and those of our community.”

Reached for comment, PQube had this to say: “We have fulfilled all obligations in our publishing agreement and have supported Toge Productions at every stage of product development through their delays and difficulties. This support has included the offering of significant additional funding, in addition to grant funding, to support development, portability, and commercialization. Toge Productions has for some time sought to unilaterally enforce the unreasonable revised terms of our agreement and it is disappointing that as a result of their failure to do so and despite significant efforts by PQube to accommodate this, they have sought to address the matter in this way. We will respond through the appropriate channels.”

We have reached out to Mojiken Studios and Toge Productions for additional comment and clarification, but have not received a response at time of publication.

PQube is a publisher dedicated to indie games, with titles like the upcoming Potion Permit and previously released titles like Tormented Souls and Nexomon. PQube also has an Asia-focused branch, with anime-style games like Gal Gun, White Day, and Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.

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