Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass: 5 Best Memes and Skins

The Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass is almost here, and it has a whole new set of memes, calls, and skins you’ll want to get your hands on.

Like previous BPs, Riot Games draws heavily from pop culture references, but with a twist that’s unique to Valorant.

This BP also marks the first time the development team has built on a central theme, specifically myths and legends.

“We wanted the Battle Pass to reflect some of the things that were happening in Valorant and make it feel like a memorable part of this moment for players. Champions is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see what legends are born from it,” said Riot Games producer Laura Baltzer.

The team also hoped to help players feel “as legendary” as the agents in Valorant Episode 5’s Shattered cinematic, who were immortalized in the comics, or as the pros who play on the main stage.

If you’re hesitant about spending your hard-earned 1,000 Valorant Points, we’ve listed the most memorable collectibles you can get through the new BP, from cute agent sprays to hilarious memes.

Top 5 Valorant Battle Pass Episode 5 Act 2 Collectibles

5. Brothers in arms of mythical animals

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass Comrades in Arms
Credit: Riot Games

Half of the comrades-in-arms in this BP pay homage to mythical animals from folklore and fairy tales. Anansi’s comrade-in-arms appears to be inspired by the character in the Akan folk tale, popular in West Africa and the Caribbean, known for his wisdom and triumph over enemies often larger than himself.

The Kiss the Frog companion is a tribute to the Brothers Grimm folk tale, while the Kitsune Mask and White Snake companions are references to mystical creatures from Japanese and Chinese mythology.

Finally, the Magical Hummingbird friend recalls Native American folklore.

4. Rise of the Phoenix Spray

Players will have plenty of Valorant sprays to choose from at the next BP. At the top of our list is the Phoenix Rise spray, a play on the Elmo Rise meme that shows the popular Sesame Street character engulfed in flames.

The meme is usually accompanied by the caption “Everything is fine” written at the bottom. Whether you’re a lead duelist struggling for the kill or a player caught on a team with a Phoenix who clearly has no idea what he’s doing, the spray is relatable.

3. The Spider-Man Inspired Cypher Meme Player Card

Some of the best Valorant memes have come in the form of sprays. However, in Episode 5 Act 2 BP, a specific player card will be a must for all main Cypher players.

Spider-Man’s pointing meme pokes fun at two similar people meeting for the first time, enjoying a rather literal resurgence in the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. In the case of the Spike Showdown player card, it’s two Cypher players facing off against a planted spike.

Another standout is the “Garden of Heroes” series of cards, each representing the agents springing into action to save those in need on the game’s latest map, Pearl. Each card also prominently features the heroic statues of Jett, Omen, Phoenix, and Sage, the same ones found on the map.

2. Immortalized Weapon Skins

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass Immortalized Weapon Skins
Credit: Riot Games

The Immortalized skin line celebrates individual Agents with unique color schemes and designs. The Guardian introduces Yoru, the Sheriff shows us Cypher, Stinger puts the spotlight on Astra, and Vandal was reserved for Valorant’s resident speed demon, Neon.

Each weapon skin starts with a gold base variant and has three unlockable color variants to match your existing collections. We can only hope they make more immortalized skins in the future for the rest of the agents.

1. Sunstone and Melee Weapon Skins

While BP’s mythical theme shines through in many of its collectibles, the crown jewel is the Piedra del Sol leather line, designed after the Aztec calendar stone, or sunstone. This ancient artifact was commemorated in an epic poem by Nobel Prize-winning poet Octavio Paz and was thought to be a sacrificial altar for a brief moment in history.

The Bucky, Ghost, Judge, and Phantom skins are definitely a must-have, with designs seemingly carved from a solid block of stone.

But perhaps the real prize is the skin line melee, which was inspired by the Aztec walking stick or topilli. It is finished off with a centerpiece featuring an intimidating face with fangs, complete with tongue lolling out.

The Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass will be available on August 24.

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