Valve is testing a redesigned Steam mobile app

For over a decade, Valve has offered access to Steam through Android and iOS clients. In recent years, however, the Steam mobile app hasn’t received much attention from the company. Not only does it look dated, but it’s also a pain to use. I only keep it on my iPhone to take advantage of Steam Guard verification.

The good news is that Valve is working on a new version of the mobile app. In a blog post spotted by , the company invited “invested Steam users” to test the beta version of its redesigned Android and iOS client. “We rebuilt the app on a new framework and modernized the design. (2015 called and wanted his app back),” Valve wrote.

In addition to the features previously included, the redesigned app adds smarter notifications, support for multiple accounts, and a new way to log in to your Steam account. Instead of entering your Steam Guard username, password, and verification, you can use a QR code to simplify the process. It is probably the most useful feature added by Valve.

The among testers is that the new app is a welcome improvement over its predecessor. It has the usual flaws you find in beta software, including slow performance and lots of bugs, but it’s a step up. “The sooner we get your feedback on a product, the better,” Valve wrote. “This is especially important when the app can be used on so many different phones and devices.”

There is no public release date yet for the redesigned app. However, the beta version is open to anyone who wants to participate. Installation instructions can be found at , but please note that the iOS beta is limited to 10,000 concurrent participants due to Apple’s TestFlight restrictions.

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