Warner Bros Games boss isn’t worried about Discovery merger

Warner Bros. Games head David Haddad says he’s optimistic about Warner Bros. Discovery’s gaming division despite all the chaos surrounding the WB/Discovery merger.

“I think, especially going forward, that we have a critically important role to play within the company,” Haddad says in an interview with Axios. In fact, he mentions that the gaming division is profitable and that there are no planned layoffs or project cuts from new managers. “Warner Bros. Discovery’s leadership has expressed a strong belief in growing the games business and being part of the company’s overall strategy,” he says.

Haddad went on to point out that one of Warner Bros Games’ strengths is its eleven studios. The games it has released so far this year have been successful to some extent. April saw the release of lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which garnered a generally positive reception. MultiVersus released in July, and easily surpassed elden ring as the best-selling game of the month.

Warner Bros. Games still has plenty of high-profile titles coming out next year, including gotham knightswhich will be released on October 21. Hogwarts Legacy Y Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League They will be out next year too. The publisher also has a mobile game called Harry Potter: Magic Awakens arriving later this year in collaboration with Netease. Haddad clearly believes this lineup puts the gaming division in a good position as the rest of the company suffers from difficulties, cancellations and layoffs.

The Warner Bros. Discover merger has sent entertainment headlines into a frenzy as the entity continues to cancel shows on HBO Max, shift release dates and more. Fortunately, it looks like the gaming division won’t be greatly affected by these corporate antics, at least for now.

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