Warzone Devs Tease Upset Fans After Rebirth Island Removal

Stans from Rebirth Island, you might as well pack up the pads and store them in a safe place until war zone 2as Raven Software is actively taunting you following the removal of the small basemap.

war zone‘s The current method of map rotation has already made some players uneasy, with Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island both being swapped at will while Stagnant Cauldron persists.

Coming into season 5, people finally got tired of the rotation and criticized the developers. Not that they cared though…

Warzone Fans Beg For Rebirth Island Back

Like a child begging for his toys or pacifier, war zone fans have been desperate to play the pity card towards Raven Software, begging them to stop removing Rebirth Island, given that it’s the most popular map in the game right now.

“PLEASE stop removing respawning and adding and changing things in the game that literally no one asked for,” a viral Reddit thread pleaded, reiterating that Caldera and Fortune’s Keep are much less popular.

“I beg you to stop taking Rebirth off the playlist. Literally half the player base doesn’t want to play Caldera or FK,” the user added.

Fortune’s Keep has been well received by the fanbase, although players tend to prefer playing the third map as a luxury, rather than being forced to, which takes the fun out of it.

Warzone Devs Imitate Rebirth Island Crybaby

A developer in war zone studios broke their middle finger on the Enter key to annoy Rebirth Island fans as a new in-game challenge pokes fun at those who continue to stand by the map.

One fan discovered that their daily challenge was to open three caches in the Nova 6 factory on Rebirth Island, which is now impossible considering they’ve removed the entire landscape.

If you listen closely, you can hear the Raven Software challenge designer’s manic “mwahaha.”

Rebirth Island will return at some point during Season 5, but with the modern warfare 2 beta on the horizon, many players may have landed on the map for the last time.

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