Warzone Expert Picks Best Meta Weapon After Season 5 Update

Warzone stats expert WhosImmortal presented his weapon tier list after the Season 5 update, naming the Vanguard AR the best weapon in Battle Royale.

The last big seasonal update for Warzone has finally dropped in the form of Warzone Pacific Season 5, with a host of changes that have shaken up battle royale in a pretty big way.

In addition to Caldera undergoing some map changes and the new Doomsday Station being introduced, a wide range of weapon boosts and nerfs have also shaken up the Battle Royale metagame.

As a result of the changes, the likes of the KG M40, Marco 5, H4 Blixen, and MP40 have slightly lowered pick rates. And, while there is a new leader in town, it’s a weapon that will be quite familiar, especially to players who have played the past few seasons.

STG-44 is the best Warzone weapon for Season 5

Following the update, Warzone guru WhosImmortal revealed his new weapon tier list on August 26, choosing the STG-44 as the best weapon for the new season.

“The STG saw some slight nerfs, got a control nerf, but also got an ADS buff for what it’s worth. It’s still very, very easy to use in terms of control,” he said. “You can still absolutely stream players at long or medium range, it doesn’t matter.

“Him and the KG were my number one and two for real rifles last season and now I think the KG is down in competitiveness, very competitive for what it’s worth, the STG is definitely a better choice so I think it will be it remains in the top meta for now.”

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The YouTuber’s take on things hasn’t been fully reflected when it comes to pick fees, as Armaguerra and Grau lead the way on WZRanked.

It remains to be seen how the meta evolves over the next couple of weeks, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see players return to STG before too long. Especially if experts like Immortal highlight it.

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