Warzone Players Demand Changes To “Garbage” Gulag Audio After Season 5 Update

Warzone players are criticizing Gulag’s audio after the Season 5 update, claiming that Raven needs to make major adjustments to improve the “garbage” sound system.

While secondary to cheating complaints, audio has become quite a topic in the Warzone community.

There are ways to mitigate the problematic audio, but overall, Caldera’s sound system has received fairly sustained criticism from players.

However, many players claim that it has gotten worse in Season 5, especially in Caldera’s Gulag mode. With in-game spawning on the line, it’s no surprise that players are irritated by the audio glitches in Gulag 1v1.

Warzone Players Demand Gulag Audio Fixes in Season 5

A Reddit user called for changes to the Gulag audio, stating that: “The audio in the new Gulag is messed up, [my opponent] tac ran straight at me and absolutely no audio signal.”

Attached was a video showing the player quickly eliminated after being ambushed by his strangely silent opponent.

Nor were they alone in their problems. Another player questioned why the footstep audio for Gulag spectators still works, but the footsteps of the opponents are completely inaudible.

A third said: “People literally tac running right behind me. No audio. Shots of enemies shooting at my teammates right next to me. No audio. Random footsteps in the gulag… Audio has been crap for a long time, but this is a whole new level.”

Rounding out the complaints was the Facebook Gaming streamer matt laff, who said: “Am I losing my mind or is there NO audio on the Gulag in Warzone at all? Oh wait, sorry, I can still hear Fred and Daphne above me throwing rocks and running!

It’s certainly frustrating for players, but Raven has yet to respond publicly. Here’s hoping a quick patch can get the footstep audio back on the right tracks before Modern Warfare 2 launches later this fall.

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