Websites can write to clipboard in Chrome without user permission

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> something feels wrong with them

Starting with a strong argument, I see.

> the code has basically become a mini-OS

Well yes, Chrome OS is a thing. That said, all current browser code bases are the size of operating systems.

> a monopoly too

Where did Safari and Firefox all of a sudden go?

> and there are too many things going on with Javascript

For better or worse, the web would be a worse and much less interactive place without JS. Without JS, we’d be stuck in the web of 1995.

> security issues

As you said yourself, the code base is the size of an operating system, so there are no surprises.

> bugs etc constantly patched

…Which is a good thing.

> too popular

That is not a thing. People wear what they want to wear. Too bad it’s not Deplatformingfox.

> Some people actually believe that Chrome browsers have the best security

It’s not a matter of “belief”, friend. Belief belongs to the realm of religion.

That Chromium has strong sandboxing and real site isolation is not a “belief”, it is a verifiable fact through open source code.

> Firefox, nowhere near the security issues of browsers like Chrome

Yes, because it is not a worthwhile target with a 3% market share. Not because it’s well designed (which it’s not, it’s garbage).

> Firefox, does not come close to the security problems of browsers like Chrome, Edge, Brave and Vivaldi.

Because no one uses it.

> Which browser is safer to use? Firefox is!

Hahaha no. You can’t have it both ways. You claim that Firefox is safe based on its irrelevance (which is a shoddy argument in itself, but hey, let’s move on), but when more people start using it, it will become a more attractive target for hackers. , invalidating the irrelevance factor.

> Firefox is the only FOSS browser maintained by well-paid developers

Obviously false. Chromium is open source. So is WebKit. And Deplatformingfox developers are actually paid by Google.

> Google Chrome is a proprietary browser in which an ad tech company inflates the code.

And that? Chrome is just a closed source variant of Chromium, which is open source. And the advertising technology? Where do you think Mozzarella money comes from? Did I miss the part where Mozzarella came out publicly against the ads?

> No thanks. Firefox is much more secure.

good ad Want a job in the ad tech industry?

The quality of gHacks posts went downhill since they said goodbye to fact-based arguments for the most part.

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