What are you going to play this weekend?

Folks, it’s the end of the week once again. Let’s start preparing the weekend schedule.

This weekend, I hope to dive into F1 Manager 2022 because early access on pre-orders just started. If you thought Ferrari was good at bringing an F1 team to the ground, I promise you now they won’t. shit about me.

I would also like to take some time to polish Arcade paradise. My video game dad regrets the day he gave me the keys to the laundromat, but now I own the deed! He can’t help but fill the place with frog cabinets! Nobody can!

I also realized Exapunks Get on Game Pass this morning. I know it came out years ago, but it went unnoticed. It’s a game about being a hacker in 1997 and it looks great. Putting it on the list.

When asked what she plans to play this weekend, Ruby told me “Genshin Impact baby” and then immediately set his Slack status to Offline. I also have reason to believe that she may be joking with me right now. See you Monday, Rubes.

And with that, it’s over for you! What are you going to play this weekend? Are you brave? row of saints? Personally, I didn’t think much of it, but a lot of people on social media seem to really like it. If you plan to check it out, I hope you find something in it!

Thanks as always for hanging out with us this week! We really appreciate you being here. Whatever you do this weekend, stay well, stay safe and see you here on Monday.


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