Why we’re excited about Sony’s new DualSense Edge controller

Arguably, Sony created one of the best and most iconic game controllers for its PlayStation 5 console: the DualSense. But the company has outdone itself by releasing a pro version of this controller, called the DualSense Edge.

Despite the success of PlayStation over the years, premium controllers from other consoles, such as the Xbox Elite Series 2 and the Steam Deck’s built-in controller, have features that are missing from Sony’s controllers.

But with the new DualSense Edge controller, Sony is aiming to bring better functionality and customization to PlayStation 5. Here’s why we’re excited about the new DualSense Edge.

New customization features for professional players

While the original DualSense controller is already a powerhouse in its own right, the DualSense Edge is adding more features that will allow gamers to play the way they want. Sony announced all of these new features during the opening night of Gamescom 2022 and provided details on the PlayStation Blog.

Customizable controls

DualSense Edge allows PlayStation 5 gamers to remap and disable specific buttons, just like the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. So if you frequently press the wrong button during the heat of battle, you can disable that button to avoid inconvenience. .

Alternatively, if you find it difficult to perform a crucial action on the DualSense controller, the DualSense Edge’s remap capability will allow you to move a button to another location. This action will make it easier for you to hit the right switch, allowing you to react faster to in-game events.

Also, you can customize the travel distance and dead zone of each trigger. So if you’re playing games where milliseconds matter, a lighter trigger point could mean the difference in who gets shot first. Reducing dead zones could also allow for greater precision, which is crucial for racing games, where just the right amount of throttle input will mean the difference between overtaking around a corner or turning.

On-the-fly profile switching

Most PlayStation owners play multiple titles or share their consoles with family and friends. So with profile switching, you no longer have to stick to a particular custom setting. For example, if you’re playing Gran Turismo 7, you want your triggers to have a minimal dead zone, but if you’re playing Call of Duty: Warzone, you want to increase that to avoid misfiring while traversing Verdansk.

By saving your preferred controller profiles, you don’t have to manually configure your controller every time you start a new game. And if you’re going to lend your controller to your friends or siblings who want to set it up to their preferences, they can do so via profile switching.

Once you’ve saved your profiles, you don’t have to pause the game to change them. Dedicated Fn buttons on the bottom of the analog sticks let you quickly swap your control profiles, adjust game and chat volumes, and configure and test controller profiles while you’re in-game.

New buttons let you choose the right feel

Beyond customizing the control scheme, Sony’s new DualSense Edge controllers also feature new buttons with customizable caps.

Back buttons for more control

Taking a nod from the Xbox and Steam Deck, the new PlayStation 5 controllers now have two buttons on the back. While this is still two fewer than competing options offer, you no longer have to get a Sony accessory (or third-party adapter) to get one.

Replaceable caps and buttons

In addition to adding new back buttons, Sony also allows you to replace these back buttons. You can choose between half-dome or toggle switches, allowing you to customize them to your liking. You can also replace the analog stick caps to your liking – choose between standard, high dome, and low dome.

Although it can’t replace all other buttons and triggers, customizing your buttons and back buttons will go a long way in making long gaming sessions more comfortable and improve your performance.

DualSense Edge addresses stick drift concerns

One of the problems that frequently plagues analog sticks is stick drift. And while you can sometimes fix the DualSense drift issue with software or cleaning, it’s not pretty to deal with. And if your fixes don’t do anything, you’ll have to return your controller to Sony for repair.

If your controller is still under warranty, that’s fine (as long as you haven’t voided the warranty). But if not, you’ll either have to pay Sony to fix it, or you’ll have to fix the drift sticks yourself, which is quite difficult.

Replaceable stick modules

However, with the new DualSense Edge, you no longer have to take your controller apart if you experience stick drift. Now you can buy replacement memory modules and easily swap them out. Of course, this isn’t an ideal solution – Sony should make their controller modules more robust, but it will make repairs easier and reduce the number of good controllers discarded due to stick shift issues.

Carrying case included

One cause of stick drift is when dirt and dust build up under the controller. Another cause is if the club moves unnecessarily and receives undue pressure on your bag while carrying it.

But with the included carrying case, you can make sure your DualSense Edge controller is protected when you’re not using it. Plus, you also get a braided USB-C cable, which you can use to charge the controller, even if it’s inside the box.

Giving an advantage to PlayStation 5 gamers

Sony’s new DualSense Edge controller offers plenty of new features for PS5 gamers who need an edge in multiplayer titles. All of these features will allow gamers to play exactly the way they want while extending the life of their controllers.

While Sony hasn’t announced a price or release date yet, we’re already excited to get our hands on one and see how it improves our game. We’re just hoping Sony ships more PlayStation 5 consoles because you can’t use the DualSense Edge with a PS4.

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