Wukong’ Gets Two New Trailers But No Release Date

Every August for the past two years, Chinese developer Game Science Studio has released new gameplay footage of its upcoming action RPG. Black Myth: Wukong. No one who misses a beat has done the same this year. On Friday, the studio shared a new eight-minute gameplay trailer and a six-minute cutscene from the game. Like last year’s Unreal Engine 5 reveal, the first one is partly a showcase of NVIDIA’s DLSS AI-powered scaling technology, and you can see the difference it’s made – and a year’s worth of extra work – to the game. game frame rate. Compared to last year’s trailer, the action is smoother and there are fewer frame rate drops.

We also see Game Science Studio iterate on From Software’s Souls formula in some interesting ways. One of my favorites involves a plant that the protagonist is going to pick about a third of the way through the clip. When they go to pull it out of the ground, the plant turns out to be an enemy that can root the player in place, leaving them vulnerable to its hard-hitting sweep attacks. It’s a fun twist on From Software’s mimic chests that should keep you on your toes. As for the cinematic trailer, it offers a fresh look at Wukong’s Journey to the West-inspired story It’s hard to say how the scene we see will fit into the larger story Game Science hopes to tell, but the studio obviously has a talent for animation.

Unfortunately, neither trailer ends with a release date for the game. In 2020, Game Science Studio said it hoped to bring Black Myth: Wukong to PC and consoles by 2023.

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