Yamaha introduces a compact soundbar for even the smallest TV

With space at a premium and consumers wanting better quality sound, even from a smaller bedroom TV, there has been a boom in mini soundbars designed to bring dynamic audio to TVs of all sizes, especially in areas where the space is scarce.

One of the latest mini soundbars to hit the market comes from Yamaha. The new SR-C30A is a compact soundbar with a built-in subwoofer that can easily upgrade any TV sound to be truly immersive without taking up too much space.

At just 60cm long and 6.4cm high, the Yamaha SR-C30A’s head unit has been designed to take up as little space as possible and is an ideal audio upgrade for gaming consoles, bedroom TVs, office laptops. office and even TVs in game rooms. The system can be installed in front of almost any television or computer monitor without obstructing the screen. Alternatively, the headunit can be placed under a wall-mounted TV.

The Yamaha SR-C30A features an unusually slim companion subwoofer, measuring 16cm wide, similar to a sylph, meaning it can be stored on a shelf or even hidden behind a curtain. The subwoofer connects wirelessly to the sound bar so that the two units deliver a unified sound that produces an enhanced three-dimensional effect.

Yamaha claims that the SR-C30A has been fine-tuned so that the sounds from the subwoofer and center unit connect smoothly and seamlessly. The newly developed Adaptive Low Volume feature ensures that the soundbar produces an immersive video experience that fully conveys the thrills and emotions of movies. It also creates a powerful presence at higher volume levels, making vocals and speech easy to hear, even at lower volumes.

Yamaha’s original sound technology focuses on how human sounds are heard, reproducing sounds from speakers with directionality. This technology effectively projects sound to give the impression that it is coming from above the speaker, with dialogue and voices sounding as if they are coming from the center of the TV screen.

Four custom preset sound modes (Standard, Stereo, Game, 3D Movie) and the SR-C30A’s Clear Voice technology are available to enhance dialog clarity. The Yamaha Sound Bar Controller smartphone app can control the sound bar. Additionally, there are buttons on the top of the C30A for easy control of volume levels, sound modes, and input selection.

Prices and availability: The Yamaha SR-C30A Soundbar and Subwoofer will ship in October at a retail price of $279 / £299 / €369.

More information: www.yamaha.com

Technical specifications:

  • Inputs: Optical x 2, 3.5mm analog stereo input (for game consoles and other portable devices), Bluetooth (including multipoint functionality).
  • Outputs: HDMI ARC.
  • Speaker drivers: (center unit) front L/R 1.8-inch cone × 2,
  • (subwoofer) 5.1 inches.
  • Output Power: 90W (20W x 2 + 50W Subwoofer)
  • Sound modes: Standard, Stereo, Game, 3D Movie.
  • Clear Voice for clarity of dialogue.
  • Dolby Digital and virtual surround sound
  • Dimensions: 60 x 6.4 x 94 cm (width x height x depth).
  • Mounting: Desktop or wall.
  • Subwoofer: Wireless.

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