YouTube launches a dedicated podcast page

YouTube bets on podcasts: the platform has begun to implement a page dedicated to episodic series.

Released at the end of July and spreading at a glacial pace to US users,

> is active for some, while others run into a “404 Not Found” error.

It can also be found in a new tab on the Explore page, along with links to Trending, Music, Movies & Shows, Live, Games, News, Sports, Learning, and Fashion & Beauty.

As reported by 9to5Google, the “very rudimentary” desktop and mobile service currently features carousels that can be expanded to highlight popular episodes, playlists, and creators, as well as algorithmic recommendations. Users can also browse by category (comedy, true crime, sports, music, TV and movies) or watch trending channels with already massive subscriber bases, like The H3 Podcast or Logan Paul.

YouTube’s page, still in its infancy, may be less sophisticated than rival platforms like Apple or Spotify, which are pouring money into their respective podcast brands. But it may not matter, according to a May study by Cumulus Media, which pinpointed YouTube as the leading platform for accessing podcasts.

“Podcast advertising reaches millions of young consumers who have abandoned linear TV for ad-free streaming video services,” Suzanne Grimes, Cumulus’ executive vice president of marketing, said at the time. More than 24% of study participants listen to podcasts on YouTube, followed by Spotify (23.8%) and Apple (16%).

YouTube’s parent company Google is no stranger to audio products: The tech giant’s laundry list includes Google Listen (2009-2012), Google Play Music Podcasts (2015-2020), and Google Podcasts (2016-present). , the latter that has just launched on iOS in 2020. YouTube Podcasts, notes Ars Technica, is the company’s fourth podcasting platform.

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